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Perversion of Justice

Power Exchange

Call it power exchange, call it D/s, call it whatever you want. It's fascinated me for a very long time. It's my primary kink -it may even rise to the level of a fetish for me. Everyone does it, whether we're conscious of it or not, every time we interact with someone. Isn't that amazing? Some of us just happen to have sexualized it. Check this out.


Power exchange is absolutely my first and purest kinky love, but I am a skilled practitioner of many of the sadomasochistic arts. I'll tell you a funny story about my introduction to s/m, if you ask. My specialty as a top is with single-tailed whips, and my favorite of these are 3 or 4 foot whips of the signal, snake, or hybrid types. But I'm by no means a one trick pony.


Every interaction where one party relinquishes control to another involves a bond of trust. If anything is sacred, that is sacred. Because of this, I do not view myself as a competitor with my clients and companions - but a collaborator. I value relationships based fundamentally on cooperation. My satisfaction comes from knowing that I have added to, not taken from.

Judicial Reviews

Photo and editing by Learah Lane.


"Justice is a woman of the world. She speaks intelligently on so many topics. Her attention to detail about the topic of the call is incredible. The rustle of a skirt, the touch of a finger nail, the cool taste of a freshly poured drink are made to seem as if she is sitting at a corner table beside you. Great call!"

Goofing off in Sera Miles' suite while she slept.


"How intelligent, caring and thought provoking Justice was.  She was able to very quickly assess my needs and exceed my expectations. A natural and intoxicating woman that truly understands and knows what men need and want ... "

It was about a billion degrees outside that day. I went for a swim. Eventually!


"My fantasies and interests are more on the lines of domestic discipline  and less on traditional BDSM. Though not naturally shy, I tend to have difficulty in voicing what is in my head. I had always thought that  maybe she and I would not be compatible. Boy was I wrong! Justice is a  fantastic listener and fantasy creator. She can be caring, nurturing, strict, and sensual all at the same time."

Poetic Justice

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